Meat Nutritional Chart

Product Style/Description
Serving Size
kj per 100 g
kj per serving
kcal per 100g
kcal per serving
Chicken breast, meat and skin, roasted75g75790.67593189.33142
Chicken breast, meat, roasted75g75665.33499158.67119
Chicken Schnitzel100g1001242.65297
Steak, Fillet100g100800.4191.3
Steak, Rump28g28523146.4412535
Steak, Sirlion28g28564.84158.9913538
Steak, stewing28g28510.45142.2612234
Lean mince100g100710169.69
Roast beef, Lean28g28786.59221.7518853
Beef sausages100g1001054.37252
Braising Steak28g28941.4263.5922563
Burger patty100g1001230293.98
Composite cuts, Lean and fat, cookd75g75966.67725230.67173
Cutlets, pan fried75g75757.33568181.33136
Ground veal, broiled75g75718.67539172129
Veal Leg, Lean and fat, breaded, pan fried75g75953.33715228171
Veal Leg, Lean and fat, roasted75g75669.33502160120
Veal Loin, Lean and Fat, roasted75g75906.67680217.33163
Veal Shoulder, whole, lean and fat, roasted75g75790.67593189.33142
Veal Stewing meat, Leanm Braised75g75786.67590188141
Pork back Ribs, Lean and fat, roasted75g751526.671145365.33274
Pork Loin Chop, Lean and fat, broiled75g751004753240180
Pork Loin Chop, lean and fat, pan fried75g751158.67869277.33208
Pork Leg, Lean and fat, roasted75g751054.67791252189
Pork Loin, rib end, lean and fat, broiled75g751100825262.67197
Pork Loin, rib end, Lean and fat, pan fried75g751108831265.33199
Pork Shoulder, whole, lean and fat, roasted75g751221.33916292219
Pork Spareribs, lean and fat, braised75g751397.331048334.67251
Pork tenderloin, lean, roasted75g75602.67452144108
Pork Sausage100g1001274.45304.6
Lamb Foreshank, Lean and fat, cooked75g751016762242.67182
Lamb ground, cooked75g751184888282.67212
Lam Kebab, greek style100g1001066.92255
Lamb Leg, Lean and fat, cooked75g751078.67809258.67194
Lamb Loin, Lean and fat, cooked75g751292969309.33232
Lamb ribs, lean and fat, cooked75g751501.331126358.67269
Lamb Shoulder, lean and fat, cooked75g751154.67866276207
Chicken breast, meat and skin, roasted75g75790.67593189.33142
Chicken breast, meat, roasted75g75665.33499158.67119
Chicken Drumstick, meat and skin, roasted75g75894.67671214.67161
Chicken Drumstick, meat, roasted75g75706.67530169.33127
Chicken Flesh and skin, roasted75g75998.67749238.67179
Chicken Flesh, roasted75g75794.67596190.67143
Chicken Thigh, Meat and skin, roasted75g751041.33781249.33187
Chicken Thigh, Meat, roasted75g75706.67530169.33127
Chicken Wing, Meat and skin, roasted75g751213.33910290.67218
Chicken, ground, Lean, Cooked75g75853.33640204153
Duck, roasted75g751409.331057337.33253
Goose, flesh, roasted75g75994.67746238.67179
Turkey, Dark meat and skin, roasted75g75902.67677216162
Turkey, Dark meat, roasted75g75774.67581185.33139
Turkey, ground, cooked75g75982.67737234.67176
Turkey, Light meat and skin, roasted75g75798.67599190.67143
Turkey, Light meat, roasted75g75644483154.67116
Heart, beef, simmered75g75690.67518165.33124
Kidney, beef, simmered75g75661.33496158.67119
Liver, beef, pan fried75g75732549174.67131
Liver, chicken, pan fried75g75718.67539172129
Liver, veal, pan fried75g75806.67605193.33145
Tongue, Beef, canned or pickled75g751117.33838266.67200
Back Bacon, Pork, grilled2 slices47774.47364185.1187
Bacon, Pork, pan fried or roasted3 slices242262.5543541.67130
Bacon, Pork, pan fried or roasted, reduced sodium3 slices242262.5543541.67130
Deli meat, Beef, sliced4 slices56623.21349148.2183
Deli meat, Chicken breast roll2 slices56560.71314133.9375
Deli meat, Ham, lean2 slices56355.36199110.7162
Deli meat, Ham2 slices56460.71258162.591
Deli meat, turkey breast2 slices56467.86262112.563
Ham, canned2 slices56601.79337144.6481
Liver pate30ml261353.85352323.0884
Pepperoni, pork and beef10 slices551914.551053458.18252
Salami, beef and pork2 slices461076.09495256.52118
Salami, Pork and beef, dry or hard5 slices501548774370185
Anchovies, canned, oil2887570212.517
Haddock, baked or broiled75g7546835111284
Salmon, Atlantic, Baked or Broiled75g75861.33646206.67155
Salmon, Pink, canned75g75569.33427136102
Salmon, Smoked2 pieces40490196117.547
Sardines, canned in oil, drained1 can106869.81922207.55220
Sardines, Canned in tomato sauce1 can106778.3825185.85197
Trout, Rainbow, baked or broiled75g75706.67530169.33127
Tuna, light, canned in water75g75485.3336411687
Tuna, Light, canned in oil75g75828621198.67149
Crab, canned, drained125m,l71415.4929510071
Crayfish, Boiled or steamed4 medium60363.3321886.6752
Lobster, Boiled or steamed125ml77407.7931497.475
Mussels, Boiled or steamed15 small75718.67539172129
Oysters, Boiled or steamed6 medium42573.81241138.158
Oysters, Canned125ml131289.3137968.790
Oysters, raw6 medium84246.4320759.5250
Scallops, steamed6 medium78467.95365111.5487
Shrimp, Boiled or steamed6 medium30413.3312410030
Calamari, fried125ml79824.05651197.47156
Caviar, black or red15ml161068.75171256.2541
Crab Cake160648.3338915593
Fish Cake1120836.671004200240
Fish Fillet, battered and fried1134826.871108197.76265
Fish Sticks, heated3 sticks831142.17948273.49227
Shrimp, breaded and fried6 medium661012.12668242.42160
Tuna salad125ml108784.26847187.96203
prawns1 prawn3418.412.551003
snoek, smoked100g100690.36165