Kilojoules in Alcohol Chart

Find detailed kilojoule data on common alcoholic beverages available in South Africa below, and read more on alcohol and the kilojoule-controlled diet:

Product Style/DescriptionServing Sizekj per servingkcal per serving
Red Wine1 glass368.1988
White Wine1 glass351.4684
Beer1 bottle640.15153
Beer lite1 bottle430.95103
Savanna1 bottle799191
Savanna Light1 bottle552132
Vodka1 shot405.8597
Brandy1 shot234.356
Malibu1 shot213.3851
Gin1 shot234.356
Rum1 shot234.356
Whiskey1 shot29270
Jägermeister1 shot31274
Tequila1 shot22754